3 Trends in the International E-Commerce Platform That Will Determine Your Gains In 2019 And Beyond

multichannel selling

The year 2018 is on its last trimester. 2019 is around the corner. As a webpreneur, you need to prepare yourself for the future. You must understand your field. This way, you will stay ahead of your competitors and retain the kingship of your niche. Like any other field, e-commerce is very dynamic. Changes happen by night and in every minute. These changes impact your sales levels, customer interaction, and your marketing affairs.

As a newbie, you must choose an international e-commerce platform that allows you to conform to new changes in your niche. If you ignore the prevailing and upcoming trends, you will have crafted your way to failure. Here are the top 3 irresistible trends in international e-commerce arena that will determine your profitability in 2019 and beyond:


For the large part of 2018, innovations have been popping up. These innovations have had their day in the e-commerce arena. For example, many websites now have a chatbot for customer engagement. in the e-commerce sector, automated inventory management is becoming a usual practice. In 2019 and years to come, automation will continue taking shape. Your ability to keep your customers engaged and having real-time information about your inventories will remain critical. In this essence, you must ensure you international e-commerce platform of choice prioritizes optimization. Otherwise, assuming this trend will lead to failure.

Multichannel selling in a new way to profitability

Unlike the past decades, your ability to take products to where the customers spend their day is the ladder to profitability. Your customers are expecting to buy your offers as they continue doing what they love. Also, they are seeking platforms that can allow them to buy products on channels they enjoy.

For example, some customers may like your website but prefer buying through Facebook. Others will check what peers are saying about your products on social media but proceed on to purchase them through the online marketplace. With this as the reality of the modern market, it is your responsibility to serve your prospects according to their preferences. Hence, your international e-commerce platform must support multichannel selling.


The aspect of customers seeking businesses that offer personalized service will not stop. In 2019, customers will buy more on online ventures that will offer them personalized discounts. For this reason, you must ensure you international e-commerce platform conforms to this aspect.